AS 380

STEP AS380 CAN Bus Integrated VVVF Drive

Main Features

  • Perfect integration of control and drive of elevator leads to compact structure, few wiring, high reliability, easy operation and cost efficiency.
  • Double 32-bit MCU combines the elevator control and motor control.
  • Redundant safety design, double safety protection for control and drive.
  • CAN bus communication make the whole system easily, fast and reliable.
  • Support traditional group control and destination dispatching control.
  • Support one main contactor solution.
  • Support gear and gearless motor.
  • Use PIM module, lower loss in switch on and off longer lifetime.
  • Creative Zero-speed torque compensation technology provides the elevators with good starting ride quality without installing weighing devices.
  • Close-loop vector brings higher performance in control.
  • New PWM dead-zone compensation technology brings less energy loss.
  • Dynamic PWM carrier modulation technology brings less motor noise.
Elevator Serial Integrated Controller

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